About Ballz Out Records

Ballz Out Records Logo

Ballz Out Records was founded by The Ballzinator in 2010 to put out music with Ballz!

With a long-time distaste for watered down, bubble gum, cookie-cutter mainstream music, Ballz Out records set out to put out real music by real people, music from the underground including but not limited to genres such as Punk Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Ska, Hip Hop, Outlaw Country and more!

Starting a label was long-term thought in the back of my head since my youth, although I thought I’d be much older when I actually did it.  The story of Ballz Out Records begins around 2009 in Salt Lake City, where SLC street punkers Never Say Never were working very hard on finishing their first full-length record, titled “Hymns of Hate”.  Like a lot of bands, I had already been shopping our music around to labels prior to the debut full-length.  We had released a couple CD EPs and one seven inch.  However, I was very determined that NSN’s first full-length album be released on a legitimate record label.  Everything that we had done until that point had been extremely DIY.  All of our CDs were personally duplicated, and hand packaged in sleeves of our own design.  The first CD EP had hand-written Never Say Never labels.  On the second CD EP I personally printed the custom bloody bootprints labels and hand placed those as well.

When it came time to release the first Never Say Never full-length, “Hymns of Hate” on Ballz Out Records, I wanted to do things a bit more professional.  I partnered up with Pirates Press and had them manufacture the CDs in jewel cases as well as the vinyls LPs.  This was over ten years ago and I still have boxes upon boxes of them in my dads basement in west valley haha.  I’ve done several releases since that first one but I learned a lot from the first release.  I’ve never made 1000 copies of anything since then.  I’ve done records for my own bands Never Say Never and Drunk As Shit, as well as other brother bands like The Hung Ups, Brute Force, and Power Beer.

I once had a goal to at least release one CD or LP every year.  That was when I started the Ballz out mixtape series.  I thought if I could at the very least, even if I had no new artists, to at least get one mixtape out per year I would be happy with that.  However, unfortunately I was not able to meet this goal.  The past few years have been pretty tough financially and some people even thought I folded the label and moved on.  “Not as long as I still draw breath” I said.