Ballz Out Records Releases


Ballz Out Records Mixtape MMXVIII

Artist: Various Artists with Ballz
Release Date: TBD
Track List: TBD

Related Artists: Never Say Never, Drunk As Shit, No Cover

Salvation in Inebriation

Catalog: BO5

Artist: Power Beer
Release Date:  August 2019

Track List:

  1. Power Beer
  2. Class Warfare
  3. Pogo
  4. Outcast
  5. Burn
  6. Can You See It?
  7. This Town
  8. Passing Time
  9. Where’s Your Passion
  10. Irate
  11. Overthrow
  12. War

Related Artists: Never Say Never, Short Fuse, Press Gang Union

Drunk Punk Thrash

Catalog: BO4

Artist: Drunk As Shit
Release Date: 2013
Track List:

  1. GABB
  2. Utah Beer
  3. SJ and a BR
  4. Beezies
  5. Triple D
  6. We Are DAS
  7. No Control
  8. Dead Nation
  9. Mobb Deep
  10. FAWB
  11. 40 Sex
  12. Wasted Life

Related Artists: Never Say Never, Power Beer, Year of the Wolf


Forever EP

Artist: Never Say Never
Release Date: 2012
Track List:

  1. You Cannot Kill What Does Not Die
  2. Screaming at the Wall
  3. More War
  4. Zombie Attack
  5. Boiling Blood

Related Artists: Drunk As Shit, Rebellious Cause, Rendan Terror

Never Say Never

Catalog: BO3

Artist: Never Say Never
Release Date: 2011
Track List:

Related Artists: Drunk As Shit, Endless Struggle, Short Fuse

Dawn of the Deadbeats

Catalog: BO2

Artist: The Hung Ups
Release Date: 2010
Track List:

  1. Explaining the Existence of Rock-N-Roll
  2. Phil’s Tuckered Out
  3. Teenage Politics
  4. Bar Flies
  5. Donkey Lips
  6. Stranger to Sobriety
  7. Hungover
  8. Goddamn
  9. Beautiful
  10. N.Y.C.
  11. Robert Doesn’t Like Us
  12. Walk Away
  13. Happy People
  14. Dawn of the Deadbeats
Related Artists: Problem Daughter, Los Reaction, No Cover

Hymns of Hate

Catalog: BO1

Artist: Never Say Never
Release Date: 2010
Track List:

  1. A Tear of Hate
  2. Run for Your Lives
  3. Vermin of the Streets
  4. Ballz Out
  5. Dying World
  6. No Room for Us
  7. Ashes of Society
  8. Thrash of the Titans
  9. Iron Soul
  10. Blood Runs Red

Related Artists: Drunk As Shit, 12th Street Staggers, Year of the Wolf